Reed Airstream Self-Help Workbook


Why bother? Why make the effort to create a self-help workbook and video series for Reed Airstreamers? Author and Curator of 'Scotomaville', Daniel Comp shares the background and purpose of the workbook and self-help video series using self-reflection video modeling.

"Know Thyself is no longer a luxury - it's a full-out competition. Choices you make using devices eventually aim a supercomputer at your brain. Your behavior is known by big tech better than you know it. Predictive analytics and narrow your worldview while prolonging your attention to menu items they have pre-filtered. How would I know this? I retired from a career in information tech to travel about the US. In this workbook I show you our travels, tech route suggestions, alternative omissions, and recommendations with bias."
Daniel Comp
- Scotomaville Author/Curator

A Self-Help Workbook for Reed Airstream Owners

If you are willing to leave the garbage in your backpack behind and set foot toward your personal Everest, this workbook and video series, and Airstream peer group will guide and facilitate the adventure of your lifetime, "the greatest expedition you'll ever undertake, the journey to self-understanding".

If you are a sage with a life-lesson or overcoming story, we'd value your storytelling with great attention. Read on...

Airstreaming Self-Help Workbook Facets

  1. "You can't imagine the scotomas ahead"
  2. "Your Airstream is a magnet - for good and evil"
  3. "What you don't yet know CAN hurt"
  4. "Accidents happen fast - especially by others"
  5. "Airstream has perfected selling the dream"
  6. "You bought a recreational vehicle"
  7. "You are NOT the first to experience chaos"


When I was 10, the little guidance I could find came to my driveway inside a book mobile. Hidden inside the pages of a Danny Dunn book I found clues that might change the life I was handed into an adventure. In my 30’s self-help books and cassettes were like sturdy ladders spanning mental crevasses I faced as an adult. They gave me passage to a future I couldn’t imagine alone. This self-help workbook is the outcome of the dreams put in my head by the Danny Dunn Series.



Today, the question isn’t where to find guidance, it’s about which guidance is authentic? Who has evidence to back up their advice? This is my evidence. I’ve replaced affirmations in the mirror of a Bambi with a smartphone and an 30' Airstream Globetrotter. You’ll watch my journey through the pandemic in 48 video episodes. By editing and binge-watching my own behavior, I saw attitudes and beliefs that were being gamed by others. I also saw reasonable evidence for you to test my claims by climbing a ‘Personal Everest’ of your own. My expedition began in Scotomaville. So will yours.

AI and the algorithms they work with want to know your whereabouts, your interests, your aim, and your abilities better than you do. Then they can recommend your next purchase, your next move, your next relationship, your next movie... better than you. It's a full-out competition to know thyself. That's why I created Scotomaville.

Why bother? Why make the effort to create a self-help workbook and video series for Reed Airstreamers? Easy - so you don't fumble the way I did. Knowing WYDWYD is far better than WD40!

Daniel Comp Scotomaville Author/Curator


Challenge Your Personal Everest

The Greatest Expedition you'll ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding. I invite you on that journey!

O·nus Pro·ban·di

"Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat" meaning: the burden of proof is on the claimant - not on the recipient!