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Daniel Comp

"The greatest expedition you will ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding"


The Author and Curators

Daniel Comp is the Author and Curator of the 'Scotomaville' Series. Daniel is a respected husband, father, entrepreneur and, US Navy Veteran. He's demonstrated decades of sacrificial commitment to human achievement by working with Veterans and challenged business owners using core principles of perseverance and resourcefulness. His wife and business partner, Angelina Musik-Comp has been recognized by the SBA Small Business Champion of the Year, and overcome a devastating TBI and associated PTSD.




The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged nearly everyone with unexpected losses, setbacks, missed opportunities, and economic hardships. (1) Americans are bewildered, immersed in rapidly accelerating change, overwhelmed with messaging that games our biological and psychological bents. (2)

We have emotional hyjackings by being 100% wrong 50% of the time. (3) (4) We're hoodwinked (duped) and bamboozled (premeditated deception) by tech, media, and popular narratives. (5) The adage to 'Know Thyself' is no longer a luxury. It's become a full-out competition - with supercomputers pointed at our brains. (6)

The authors of SCOTOMAVILLE have unique insights as owners of a media, marketing and web technology firm since '97 (before Google) (7). They demonstrate personal transformation by overcoming a Traumatic Brain Injury and related PTSD, as well as collateral damage of the Pandemic; loss of a child, lost opportunities, financial setbacks, homelessness and stress.


By video journaling their 'journey with a purpose' over the past three years, Daniel and Angelina demonstrate the use of 15 mental tools and online resources while facilitating insights that overcome day-to-day challenges. The resiliency of the couple can be mimicked by participants with a smart phone, peer support and commitment.

30 video episodes are synchronized with QR codes in a 188 page guide, and with online peer discussion, leader support, and 1-on-1 private ticketing with the authors(s).

Upcoming in 2022 are two metro expos, small group meetups, base camp retreats, and a physical expedition for leaders. Participant success stories and sponsor recognition are optional across a syndication of 4500+ websites. (8)


Personal transformation begins with physical and mental awareness. By gaining understanding, and working with discipline and peer support, incremental character change is possible. In laymen terms, knowing how our gut and brain are interdependent, how sleep and stress affect choices, how going it alone is dangerous - gives each participant insights they can mimic to begin or restart a 'Personal Everest'. The personal 'expeditions' bring clarity, stability, new opportunities, and healing to relationships, while making sense of chaos.


SCOTOMAVILLE is an unconventional and effective self help model and platform. Storytelling is a superpower or Kryptonite - depending on it's aim. SCOTOMAVILLE starts with practical examples of blind-spots and cognitive biases, and ends 30 video episodes with a convincing challenge that we can chose to change our life experiences by gaming our own handicaps. We can strengthen our independence, rather than surrendering to dependency. We can each challenge our shortcomings and change our false beliefs by taking on a Personal Everest - a journey with a purpose - literally an Expedition of personal development.